Terms and Conditions
Waypoint94 Outdoors Tours

General regulations
This document pretends to establish the terms and conditions where therefor the events promoted by Waypoint94 Outdoor Tours will be accomplished. When buying our services you'll be automatically covered by this terms.

Promoting entity
The promoting entity of the events is based on the company Jorge Maia Sousa, Individual Entrepreneur, with the VAT number 204831040, location in Maia and registered in the Tourism of Portugal with the following registration RNAAT 199/2018 and uses the brand Waypoint94 Outdoor Tours. The event registration persons will be designated forward by “Participants” and Waypoint Outdoor Tours as “WPT94”.

All payments available are the following:

  1. ATM Multibanco (Only for portuguese citizens)
  2. Wire Tranfer
  3. Credit Card
  4. Cash

Registering in an event must be done previously on our website through an on-line form.
This form should be filled with all the information needed for processing and identified as required.
The participant honors that the info provided is correct.
The submission of the form is an intent of participating in the event and the agreement with this terms.
After the reception of the payment the registration in the event will be confirmed by e-mail.
The prices of the services will not be reimburse to the participant in case of the a no show to the event as well other reasons not related to WPT94.
WPT94 has the right to cancel any registration that has no been paid as stated in the “Payement” chapter above.
The legal age of participation is 18 years old. Minors only can participate accompanied by their parents or only one, according to the legislation.

Cancelation by the participant
The participant can cancel his participation in the event. This cancelation can be reimburse if it is made before the final day of the registration (this due date is informed in each event).

There is no reimburse of the amount paid, in case of WPT94, made previous reservations before and has assumed commitments with its suppliers, and therefore, cancelation is not possible.
In case that the participant has quit voluntarily during the event, before the end of schedule defined, the insurance will cease immediately. All quitting must be communicated to the organization preferably by phone or e-mail if it occurs during the event.

Insurance and responsability
The responsibility in terms of insurance is provided by the company Allianz with the insurance number 20406702 regarding the civil responsibility covering the risk during the event which guaranties the patrimonial and non-patrimonial damages until the amount of € 50.000.

The participants are covered by the insurance number 204722051 in the same company regarding the personal accidents to the annual amount of € 3.821,98, for payment of expenses with treatments including hospital admission and medication as well the amount of € 21.834,08, in case of death or permanent disability of the participants.
Participants are only covered if they register 24h before the beginning of the event.

WPT94 is not responsible for any damage or accident occurring during the event that is not covered by this insurance terms previously referred. The participant denies to ask for any amounts directly to the organization of the event. For further details please ask us.
WPT94 is not responsible for medical assistance in case of accident during the event nor is responsible for the time of arrival for the needed help from the medical emergency authorities.

Code of Conduct and Rules of Environmental Preservation
The participants in the activity in an off-road environment, undertake to follow the following standards of conduct and environmental preservation: 

  • Respect the instructions of the staff accompanying the activity;
  • Use the car in a responsible way, minimizing its impact on nature, circulating at a speed adequate for the type of pavement in question;
  • Refrain from driving practices that may cause unnecessary wear and tear on roads;
  • Respect people, animals or goods with whom they cross;
  • Circulate exclusively on existing roads and rails, protecting plantations, cultivated areas or areas of undergrowth;
  • Do not blaze, leave litter or waste on the routes;
  • Comply with the rules of the Road Code at all times of use of the public highway;
  • If a GPS route is provided, participants are not allowed to leave the defined route or the alternatives indicated;

Participant Safety and Responsibility Rules
In this activity, a sticker identifying the event will be provided by the WPT94 for better identification of the participating vehicles, with the competent authorities and other vehicles circulating on public roads. This sticker must be affixed to the vehicle used by the Participant, in a visible place. Also for marketing purposes, other stickers from partners or sponsors may also be provided, which should also be affixed to the vehicles. The Participant undertakes not to leave the place of departure without these stickers affixed and to ensure that they remain affixed until the end of the event. The following are the safety standards to be followed:

  • If you get lost from the caravan and without navigation mechanisms, the driver participant must inform the organizers immediately, by radio or by any other means, that he will take care to help this participant to resume the course in question.
  • The communication between the vehicles will be done by radio in the citizen's band (CB radio) in channel to inform in the initial briefing.
  • The Participant must ensure that the vehicle that will be used in the event, is in adequate mechanical conditions for the practice of all-terrain tourism, presenting no malfunction that compromises the safety of its passengers and the vehicles around it.
  • The driver shall keep adequate distances between vehicles and between persons and vehicles.
  • All routes and obstacles to be transposed shall be recognized by WPT94 team in the week preceding the day of the event. However, and because they are natural elements subject not only to human action, but also to climatic and geological conditions, the participant should always act with the utmost caution, being responsible for all his acts tending to cause damage in the your vehicle, as well as your physical integrity and that of the other occupants of your vehicle.
  • In case of difficulty / inability to overcome any obstacle, the driver should request the help of an organizer, signalling immediately with audible and luminous signals.
  • The Participant, before approaching an obstacle, should carefully analyse the terrain and ensure that they are able to rescue if necessary.
  • The Participant will be responsible for the recovery of his / her car. WPT94 declines any obligation to ensure the recovery of the Participants' vehicles, with the exception of situations where, by express indication of one of the organizers, the Participant has approached the obstacle or has taken the indicated route.
  • The organizers will be able to provide assistance in case of need of rescue, mechanical assistance or assistance of another nature but this is not mandatory.
  • In case the Participant presents clear signs of physical incapacity or of any other order, namely, state of intoxication, effects of drugs, etc. you will not be able to participate or continue to participate in the event. In these situations, no refund of the amounts paid will be made.
  • The Participant in contracting WPT94 services performed in an off-road environment is fully aware of the risks and dangers inherent in this type of activity and understands that the provision of medical assistance or the arrival of means of distress may be more time-consuming that in regular roads.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Pursuant to Law no. 144/2015 of September 8, the Participant may use the following Alternative Dispute Resolution Body: Arbitration Commission of Tourism of Portugal (www.turismodeportugal.pt).

In all disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of these General Conditions, Portuguese law shall apply.

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